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Trading Specialists

Our multi-cultural team of trading experts conducts business in niche markets all over the world, thereby managing global supply and demand on a daily basis. We have an in-depth knowledge of buying and selling the right product, with the highest quality for the best price. Frequent contact with producers, local importers and wholesalers help us to keep on top of markets and trends.

global logistics

Our experienced and dedicated logistic specialists ensure that all products are efficiently transported from A to B. You can rely on Argentrade for quality assurance, health requirements, timely deliveries, accurate trade documents and competitive freight rates. We are a full-service company and take care of packing, stocking and shipping your products all over the world.

At Argentrade we have a passion for international trading, marketing and branding. We continuously look for ways to add more value.

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global community

Over the past 25 years, Argentrade has been known as a reliable, trustworthy trade partner in the frozen food industry. We share our knowledge and opportunities and are dedicated to build successful, long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We strongly believe that creating trust and long-term collaboration will help to grow our mutual business.